18 January 2017

Granny Keep Warm Set

You pretty much must have the patience of a saint if you follow me.

At least if you fancy having a little go at any of the patterns that I talk about from time to time.  I show you something I'm working on, I say it's going to be a pattern and then it takes me forever and a day to get around to getting said creation to a stage where I can actually share it with you.... and meanwhile, you're waiting, waiting, waiting.  Arghh, I'm so sorry!

It's the same pitiful tale with this particular cowl and mitts set, which I made very nearly a year ago.  I talked about it way back on podcast 3 apparently.  Well I'm finally, at last, here to say it's ready.  Yay!

Since the I made the original, I've made another set in different colours, inspired by a new jacket that I got as a pressie this year.  I'm so in love with both sets I can't tell you.  There's something about the simplicity and beauty of the good ol' granny stitch that I come back to again and again.  It's hard to beat in many ways.

I'm excited to say that this is a nice and easy pattern.  Definitely within the grasp of someone starting out of their crochet journey.  You'll be working in the round so it's a good first pattern to try that out if you haven't already and the mitts don't even require any shaping.  The cowl does but of course I've included photos to help so this is a great first project for that too.

I've completely been inspired by my imaginary granny for this one.  Actually, it's the me of the future.  When I think of Future Me, I'll be living in this cute little house, with a small cottage garden.  It probably has roses.  I've been imagining  Future Me happily pottering around the garden, tending the plants, snipping a dead head here and there.  After a while, I'll probably go inside, make myself a hot chocolate and go and sit by the warming fire for a bit.  I expect I'll do some crochet too, that seems quite likely.

That's where these colours have come from in my mind's eye, Granny's Cottage Garden and Granny's Home Fires in my most favourite vintage feel colours.  Yes these sets really do make me very happy indeed!

One of the other snags with being so slow to get my patterns up to snuff is that Miss Debbie of the Bliss changes some of her colours quite frequently and one of the colours I've used, Amber, has now been discontinued.  A bit of a blow, but I've found a brilliant replacement.  If you'd like to use the Baby Cashmerino colours I'm going to recommend that the Amber is substituted with the Primrose.

Here's some pictures so you can see how it'll look.  Originals above, palettes with primrose below ....

I actually really like it with the paler Primrose.  Possibly... maybe... even more than my originals.

I've included all the colour information you need in the pattern and I've also made up a little row by row guide for you so you can plan out your own colour scheme if you want to.

If all that wasn't enough, because in January the purse strings are usually being held a little tighter, because it's my birthday month and I'm happy, and also because it's started become a little tradition of mine, there's also a lovely 20% off for the first week.  Yippee!

I do hope you'll like it and enjoy making yours!

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For more pattern information or to make a purchase just click below:

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Offer ends on 25th January 2017 at midnight GMT

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11 January 2017

Podcast Episode 23

Ravelry Episode Thread

Show Notes

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See the Ravelry sign up thread for more details



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Love and Joy Cross Stitch

Kit by Alicia Paulson of Posie gets Cozy

Happy Scrappy Advent Socks in December

Made for the #AdventSocksKAL
that I'm doing with Sam from Betsy Makes

Yarn:  Herbstblatt Loves Fall Mini Skein Collection by Herbstblatt Regina on Etsy

Mercury and Mistletoe Socks
Ravelry Page

Made for the Little Bobbins Knits Christmas Eve Cast On

Yarn: Under the Mistletoe Christmas Club Yarn by A Homespun House
Pattern: Mercury Socks by Kim Drotar

: :   DOING   : :

Birthday Socks
Ravelry Page

Yarn: Twinkle Toes Sock  (OOAK) by Hedgerow Yarns
Pattern: Slipt by Claire Devine

Granny's no Square
Ravelry Page

: :   PIP's   : :

Grannie Keep Warm

Pattern: Coming Soon!
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino

: :   GOODIES   : :

Christmas Presents Ahoy!

From dear friends...

Beautiful gifts from Emilia, including...
Little Smiles Yarn in Dirty Denim by Betsy Makes with pretty stitch marker
Rocky Mountain Autumn mini set by Knarlwhal Knits

Beautiful gifts from Heather, including...
Dachshund mug, liberty pouch, 2 beautiful minis

Beautiful gifts from Sam, including...
Cath Kidston mug and crafty pouches

 From my lovely twosome... 
Pax Sock in Love Luna by Havirland Yarns
Spark Sock in Yuletide and Trusty Sock in Mrs Weasley, both by Nomandic Yarns 

Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Sock Needle Set
Hiya Hiya Small Interchangeable Needle Set (Sharp)

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05 January 2017

A new year and a new start

Hello everyone, happy 2017!

So, things are getting back to normal again.  School is back in session and I can feel the comforting rhythm of routine starting to  wrap around me once more.

I hope you had a very lovely time this last couple of weeks?  Not everyone celebrates of course, but I hope you had fun and a chance for rest and relaxation, whatever you were up to.

I very much enjoyed our Christmas this year.  School broke early and Little Miss had a whole week free before the big day.  Although the extra time could be a potential drawback for a child, having to wait so many days with no nice shiny new presents to play with, I viewed it as an unusual bonus which we  needed to take advantage of.  So Hubby booked time off too and we went away for a couple of days and visited the Christmas market in Winchester.  

The weather wasn't particularly kind to us and our merry walk around the festive market turned ever so slightly into an increasingly damp trudge around some wooden huts but we did our best to put a brave face on it.  The highlight for Little Miss was the outdoor skating rink, which we all enjoyed.  It was undercover too, which was a definite plus.  After a whole day in the cold and wet we decided to settle for a warm hotel and a room service dinner to finish and I have to say, it was a great choice.  We each had a tray of delicious food and then snuggled up together to watch a film, it was rather perfect.

: :

It has been feeling rather colder since Christmas though, the temperature has noticeably dropped in the last couple of days especially.  We've had some crisp frosty days but I rather like that because it usually means a nice clear blue sky above and that brings me joy summer or winter.

Winter can be a bit of a slog, but there are some things to enjoy.  I love the contrast of the cold whites and greys of outdoors with the snuggly yellowy orange warmth of indoors.  The joy of yarny things to wrap up in, the warming glow of candles and fairy lights, the bubbling of something tasty in the pot.  The feeling of a hot cup of tea warming your hands, home made blankets to hide in, some cozy sofa hooky time and a good excuse to get into the pj's early.

: : 

The New Year is the bit I've been really looking forward to.  Although I not too fussed about making a big celebration of the turning of a calendar page, I do love the fresh, new start feeling you get from the first day of the first month.  Time to turn over a new leaf, make changes, tidy, sort and organise.  Oh yes, very much my kind of thing.  Somehow I seemed to miss out on that feeling in the last couple of years, but this time it's back with avengeance and I want to make the most of it!

I want to set myself some goals, get things I've let slide under control, try new things, learn new things and make some changes.  I'm not even sure I know what changes, I just know I need some.  I don't know why but lately I find this last part particularly hard.  Still, I'm going to try all the same.

S x



21 December 2016


Ooh, it's getting close now isn't it?  Not many doors to open now!

It's been a lovely week here so far.  The school holidays started early this year and we've taken advantage by enjoying some lovely pre-christmas family time together.  Some trips out and about, soaking up the festive atmosphere and making the most of the calm before the big day storm.

We've roamed a few markets, warmed ourselves with mulled wine, slithered about on a alfresco ice-rink and sat riveted watching 'Fantastic Beasts' and it's been lots of fun.  We've even still been enjoying dog walking, despite the dampness and colder weather, if only because it makes you appreciate the warm, dry house all the more when you return to it.

As always at this time of year I love hunkering down at home in the warm glow of the twinkly tree lights.  I like to have lots of fairy lights about the place, they are just the best thing to create that cozy, comforting feel in my humble...  That and some lovely scented candles and I feel very happy indeed.  A nice christmassy smell wafting around makes me feel warm inside as well as out I think.

In fact, there are not many things in life I'd rather do than lounge around crocheting or knitting, decked in my pj's, watching a christmas film, bathed in that cozy glow, smelling that sweet scent.

I'm planning on fitting in as much of that as I can around all the busy days coming up.
I hope you find some time to do the same!

I'll leave you with of few shots I've been collecting up this month, my attempt to capture a feel of our December....

Have a wonderful break everyone and I'll see you in 2017

: :


Merry Christmas!

S x



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